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Posted 01/02/15

Why Give it the Boot supports Safe Child Africa

Peter writes:

  When I was a boy I would swim in the Wikki Spring in the Yankari National Park.

  Sadly, Northern Nigeria is a place you might think twice about visiting today.

  In 2009,  Channel 4 revisited the pioneering work of this charity, in the south of Nigeria.

  I was one of the many who were shocked by what was & is happening to some of the children there.


Motivated by my own past and the details in the programme,  I was determined to do something, From that day, GITB has been supporting the great work of what was then Stepping Stones Nigeria; by donating a proportion of our sales.

Now, as Safe Child Africa & with their work expanding across the continent, GITB is even keener to support this charity.

You can be 100% sure that Child Safe Africa’s dedicated staff work extremely hard & will use any money they receive with care and thought.

For every boot jack sold we will give 35p to the charity, Safe Child Africa

Check them out for yourselves: