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Nov '15


Posted 21st September

Tabitha reviews August and has some life changing news!


Hi everybody, seems like I was sitting down to write the August blog only a moment ago, time has flown, must be because I've been kept busy that's for sure!

The month started off with plenty of training on both Buttercup and C, I had my trainer over regularly and we got to the bottom of a few 'teething' problems with C that I was having so that was fab.

We haven't competed C , however Buttercup made her novice debut at a local show with me on the 2nd.




I was really pleased with her score because in the first outing at a new level she not only tried her hardest but we are now half qualified for the Nationals and we came home with a red rosette! We made a few errors in the canter but I was super impressed with how much bounce she gave me in her medium canter. We've been working hard on her medium trot since that show and with some luck the score will improve at the next one we go too. I love that pony, she's going to make a seriously cool pony for her next jockey when she's sold.


In the past week or two, I've had to make some rather large decisions and I'm delighted to say that I am pretty sure I made a good one!  

I have officially left school to pursue my dreams in Dressage, I'm going to be moving and basing myself in the UK in the next few months, so that's all very exciting. I'm also working hard on my baking and cooking with a hope to take that further too and qualify as a chef , I better go -  I have another batch of banana bread in the oven. Yesterday's was a super loaf so we have to have more!




Posted 14th September

In addition to being in Spain, Beatle has naturally also been competing in the UK. Here she lets us know how she got on in the summer

Buckminster and Aston le Walls BE


For Paris’s first BE Event we headed to Buckminster for the BE100.

She did a lovely dressage test with just a few mistakes to score 31.5 which I thought was a fair score. The show jumping course was quite big and inviting but sadly we had two down, one being a big upright and the other being a down hill spread, but I was really pleased with the way she went. Then as usual she flew around the cross country making it feel easy and going nicely inside the time! She didn’t feel at all tired after going up Buckminster’s steep hill! We finished 11th, so just outside the placing’s but for her first BE I was really pleased with her!


Our second BE Event was at Aston le Walls. Paris went really well in the dressage, with the only mistake being the walk transition, to score 27 which I was really pleased with. All our hard work with the show jumping paid off as she jumped a lovely clear round! On to the cross country where again she made it feel so easy and flew round clear inside the time! To finish on my dressage score was great and I finished 8th in a very low scoring close section! With the winner being Oliver Townend finishing on 21, and 10th being on 27.3, so a very close section!

So great two first runs BE with Paris and I hope for more to come!



Posted 6th September

What's been happening to Niamh this summer? Here she brings up right up to date!

Dear GITB Readers,  I hope you are well.

August has certainly been an action packed month both in and out of the saddle – from A Level results to music festivals and everything in between.

Due to completing a 6 week work placement in and during July and August, horses have unfortunately had to take a ‘back seat’ this summer. The usual two months of schooling, hacking and competing had to be substituted for wave equations and graphs – not to mention some very, very early mornings. (The joys of ‘growing up’).

Despite this, Layla and I have made it to a few competitions and even picked up a few placings!  

She has taken everything in her stride and is incredibly laid back for such an inexperienced pony – makes a change from the gymnastic displays usually expected of youngsters! She has a particular flair for cross country - which is something I also enjoy, so I am aiming to event her at a low level next spring.

That is, of course, if A-Levels don’t get in the way too much. (Short term pain for long term gain, right?) I’m just about to start my final year of school which is both an exciting and slightly terrifying prospect… where did the last 18 years disappear to?!

It’s hard to believe that this time next year I will be embarking upon the next stage of my academic journey in university.  I recently received my AS results and achieved 4 A grades which wave a very welcome surprise, however it puts the pressure on to keep it up for the next year. Hopefully the hard work will be worth it!

Last night I ended the summer by enjoyed a night off work and went to a music festival in Belfast with my friends, headlined by Irish band ‘The Script’. It was an incredible night and marked the end of a busy, but very enjoyable few months. With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer there is no denying that the winter months are fast approaching, but hopefully the Irish weather won’t be too harsh on me and I will be able to keep the horses fit well into the winter – not always easy with only fields and hacking to work with!

Anyhow – it’s back to school and A-Levels for me now, oh the joys!

Until next time,

Niamh x


Posted 29th August 2015

Beatle has been busy, this time in Spain representing Great Britain!

Well done Beatle! Fantastic!

She has found time to bring us up to date (what is it they say about a busy person?)


SRNC Spain

From the 6th to the 10th of August Great Britain Student Riders headed to Spain to compete in the Spanish Student Riders Nations Cup in Jerez. It was a nice change to land in Spain and the temperature to be warm! After an interesting taxi journey where the driver spoke no English and we spoke no Spanish, we arrived at the competition venue. The venue was amazing with a huge outdoor arena to warm up in and then a lovely indoor arena where we competed.


The show jumping was on the first day and all the horses looked well presented. The first round of the show jumping was judged on style and the course was around 90cm. GB was drawn against Ireland and the Oldies. I was drawn 5th to go but first on the horse and after only 2 minutes and 2 jumps to warm up I did a nice clear round so I was pleased. Sophie was second to go on her horse and she did a lovely round just sadly tapping one pole. Ellie was last to go on her horse and she did a lovely clear round. I got the highest style mark on my horse, which meant that I was through to the second round. Sadly Ellie and Sophie were knocked out by the Oldies which was a shame as they both did lovely rounds.


Before the second round that was held in the evening, we had a trip to the beach which was a nice break from riding in the midday hot weather! The second round show jumping was judged primarily on faults but if faults are the same it is judged on style. The course was around 1m. Again I was drawn first to go on the horse, which was an advantage to me as I only had one down and the other two had more down. This meant that I was through to the third round jumping that was on the final day!


On the second day it was the dressage, starting with the team test. The horses were beautiful Spanish stallions and we were drawn against the Oldies and Germany, but sadly we were drawn first to go. The horses we were drawn on were only 4 and 5 years old so they were very overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere of the event. With only 2 minutes to warm up, our team test really didn’t go well, with the first horse spooking at everything around the area, the second wouldn’t go forward and the third horse spooking and rushing forward. So to sum it up it was the perfect example of how not to do a team test! But we did get the largest applause at the end of the test! All of the German team got through, which they thoroughly deserved as the won the dressage! That evening we had the Gala which was a great night and there was also a Spanish horse demonstration which was good to watch.


The final day was the 3rd and final rounds. The show jumping went first and the course was around 1.10-1.15m and it was very twisty but also required forward riding. I was again drawn first to go on the horse, which was a very big jumping, strong horse. I did a really nice round until the final line, where we both lost concentration so finished with 4 down. The second rider on the horse only had two down, which meant I was knocked out. However the third rider had 6 down so I finished 2nd on the horse. I was also the closest to the winner, which meant I finished 3rd overall in the show jumping!


The 3rd and final round dressage was after and it was great to watch such lovely horses do their test. The final round included a freestyle to music test and it was great to watch the ride off between Ireland and Germany, with Germany coming out on top.


Sadly it wasn’t quite Britain’s week as a team but it was a great experience and I met some lovely people and I had such a good time! The Spanish did a great job of organising it, so a big thank you to all those who were involved.





A difficult day at the office...............

Tabitha writes:

So since the last blog I actually made it to a show with C and also with Buttercup!
Buttercup went to our local regional summer championships and we won the prelim category 2 with 67+% which was an absolute dream! We got a stunning rug, and it was a great pick me up after she had been off with injury for 9 weeks; she was delighted to be back out!

Now with C....I was throwing myself into the deep end ever so slightly, it was a festival, a festival with 298 tests ridden, over two days!

This involved driving 8 hours, stabling elsewhere off site and boxing over to the venue every morning. We took 3 horses from the yard, we got up there late Friday night, settled them in and I rode C there. I was apprehensive to how she would react in a new place. But she was actually very good! We plaited in the dark and hit the sack for the following morning's early start. I was warmed up by a good friend of mine, and she helped immensely.  

C was was very hot to ride, but we cooked he