boot removers and wellie

About us


Once upon a time, quite a long time ago.....

(in fact just over 8 years ago) there were two dog walkers who having returned home always wrestled with their muddy wellies. Then a simple boot remover, (pull or jack) changed their lives. Now it was a joy to take their boots off and there was more time for a well-earned cup of tea.

Soon they thought how nice it would be for others to get their wellies off... so easily, but why keep them plain why not put something on them? But wait, surely this would all have to wait until retirement?? Yes, it seemed so and there the idea sat on the back burner. But the wind of fate blew strong and there was a great desire not to get to retirement, only to look back and say , "What if...."

So a big leap was made, the steady ship of job-land abandoned to sail in the challenging but exciting swell of self employment. During the year that followed prototypes were made and designs painted, finally they were ready!
Since that time we have been sailing through peaks and troughs and learnt what real work means! Join us on our journey!

Our boot removers, pulls or jacks have gone to many places in the UK as well as Ireland, France, the USA and Australia. Add your country to our list!

We support four young riders.
Beatle Payne is a young up & coming event rider who has competed in the British Eventing Pony Trials, Tabitha Millar Hagerty is a young Irish dressage rider, aiming for the Irish squad. Just recently we're very pleased indeed to say that Oliver Mays who competes at international level has just joined us at GITB and just moving onto horses Niamh Ward, from Northern Ireland, completes the four.